Pretty much everything is nothing

And I have the proof goddamit!

Light is made up of photons. Which is crazy. What the hell’s a photon? No one really knows, they go quite quickly and are quite small. Stuff, on the other hand, is made of atoms, arranged in 3 dimensional space – well done Atoms. Then they stick together and turn into the things around us, tables, cats, lego, etc. (Thanks electro-weak force & quantum-chronodynamics – nice one!)

And the atoms are quite far apart – relative to their size – and are mostly comprised of empty space. A rough estimate is that the radius of an atom is 10,000 times the diameter of the nucleus. So, you have a few electrons whizzing round a vast empty atomic ‘solar system’ with a tiny nucleus of quarks at the centre. (this is a completely misleading and inaccurate description of the so-called reality of it all, but will do for now)

So a lot of these tiny quick photons of light pass straight through matter without even touching the sides. This is why tons of light passes through my finger and is picked up and converted to signal by the charge-couple device in my iPhone camera!

Look – these are photos taken with my finger over the camera hole:

Tip of finger Bulky bit of finger

tip.jpg body.jpg

Finger joint Palm

joint.jpg palm.jpg

Crazy eh? I guess I was just surprised that there was so much light flooding through my finger it could picked up easily by the camera. I can assure sceptical readers that I entirely covered the camera hole. For comparison I tried my wallet, but that really did block all light, and I discovered that the iphone won’t take a pic if the image is black (which is another nice little feature of this magical device!)

Of course, us puny humans are entirely transparent to longer wavelengths of radiation from radio-waves up to microwaves, so stay tuned for my next exciting experimental pictues involving a dismantled microwave oven and some Polaroid film.


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