On the fricking map

I live in Brockley. It’s the sort of place people that makes people squint and say ‘where?’ when you tell them.

Well, not any more, buster! Check this latest version of the London Underground Tube Map:


Hell, yes. We are now an official place.

Move over Amersham, Brockley’s snapping at ya heels!

(p.s. does anyone know what the hell that ‘ELC’ with a bus symbol is??)

[Edit: I might add that a visit to Brockley Central is in order if you a) live in Brockley, b) are considering moving to Brockley, or c) are wondering ‘what the hell is this ‘Brockley’ place I keep hearing so much about?’)


4 Responses to On the fricking map

  1. flipper01 says:

    Brockley? oh, that place near Penge, of course.

    (Penge doesn’t really exist right?)

  2. You might want to point them towards Brockley Central too!

  3. Brockley Jon says:

    Ha! This is indeed great news for us.

    I’m well aware of Brockley syndrome, and even though it’s getting better, it still gets me down. It’s a subject I very nearly wrote a rant about on the blog the other day, but then thought better of it, as it has been covered far too many times already!

    I work with a bunch of 20 somethings who all gravitate to Shoreditch like flies around chicken wings. None of them are home owners or ever intend to buy in London (it’s just not an option for most young people today), and the idea of getting a train to them is only necessary to go to Brighton for a weekend bender.

    I am used to the whole ‘Brockley, what, like Brocolli?’ conversation, and have still not settled on a place to say it’s near to, for the purpose of putting them in the picture. It’s either near Greenwich, New Cross, or East Dulwich depending on who I’m talking to. I usually get the reply ‘isn’t that a long way?’, and when I inform them it’s in zone 2, they just laugh openly as if I am lying. The map will at least provide me with handy evidence of our existance!

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