Connecting up the telly.

Well, what with Apple doing video thru iTunes finally and various other ways of getting video stuff off the internet (hello iPlayer! hello bittorrent!), I thought it was about time I sorted out how to connect up my MacBook to the telly.

Not as easy as you’d think actually. It’s taken one wrong cable sent to me by Apple and another 20 minute call to them trying to figure it out. You’d think they’d just have a page on their site that said ‘if you have X computer you need Y cable’. But they don’t, so it’s takens weeks of prevarication and ordering the wrong thing to be able to reveal that:

If you have: an Intel MacBook and slightly older, albeit widescreen, telly with only Scart and s-video inputs
You need: a mini-DVI to s-video cable

Seems so simple doesn’t it? Maybe I’m just dim!

Yes, this was a very boring post. So sue me.


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