June 20, 2008


Can’t. Express. How. Much. I. Want. One. Of. These.


EQ1 @ Barcode

June 20, 2008

Right – I see Neiltron’s account of last night’s entertainments at Electroqueer, and I raise his static photo of the ceiling by one animated gif of the ceiling:


I win!

I concur with his assessment of the evening; great atmosphere, great crowd and great start to a new electro night. I’d love to bring my band Cassette Electrik there, but not sure how well equipped they are for actual live music. PA’s are one thing, but live instruments (even laptops!) are quite another. Still, if there’s a will – there’s a way.

Do check out the Electroqueer website if you want the latest electro news and releases with the emphasis on the pop: