Me new bike!

Like Kraftwerk, I like a nice bike ride now and then. Well, to be specific, I do it every day commuting thru the crazy streets of London, and for the last four years, I’ve been riding an ultra-budget Raleigh road bike, which although it only cost £150 has been pretty good. In approx. 5000 miles the worst thing that happened to it was a snapped chain going thru Notting Hill.

But, it was showing signs of wear: bearings were getting a little skronky, back wheel spoke kept popping out, etc., so I thought I was justified getting a little upgrade given the miles I do.

So, behold the majestic new 2 wheeled vehicle I am now the lucky possessor of:

Made by Trek, it’s got a light aluminium frame, carbon fibre forks & seatpost and entry-level Shimano groupsets. And well funky spokes.

More importantly than that, though, is that it’s beautifully light (compared to my previous, which I now realise weighs as much as a Russian tank), and which means it goes like the fracking wind! I love it. My regular journey used to take 19-20 mins, it now takes me 15-16 mins.  I’m not joking, it really is that much quicker!

Anyway, just thought I’d share as new bikes are always an exciting thing, and especially now that I can pretend I’m Wiggins hurtling down the back straight to some kind of Tower Bridge crossing gold!


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