Some Things I DO Like

The Wire
Yes, it’s a cliche to go on about how brilliant The Wire is/was, but I came to it really late, and have only just watched the first two series. It’s bloody great though, innit? Even though my first attempt was to try and be all modern and download it via Bittorrent and managed only to watch Episode 3 with French subtitles, I freely admit it’s better than any cop drama UK telly has produced for a very long time. Though Ashes to Ashses was pretty good.

Adam and Joe
Are comic geniuses and I listen to their Saturday 6Music prog religiously. I haven’t been able to shift their alternative Bond theme out of my head for weeks now…

Actually saw QoS yesterday, and needless to say, it’s not brilliant. Fairly entertaining, but lacks the charm and style of Casino Royale.

Bad Science
I mentioned this in an earlier post, but it’s brilliant. Go buy it. It’s by Ben Goldacre. Tell Amazon I sent you.

Haven’t really heard much good new music recently, but I’ll let you know if anything good occurs. Was mulling over the fact that often economic uncertainty is accompanied by a resurgence of creativity in art and music. Whilst there’s some good stuff around, it would be good to see something really exciting and galvanising to happen. Things are bit dull aren’t they, what with Coldplay being hailed as some kind of ‘marvel’, and crappy indie-rock filling radio schedules top to bottom. And crappy RnB. And crappy pop. Oops – Nearly getting negative again there for a moment!


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