Who wants to hear some vocoded vocals?


Thought so!

I’m working on a nice little music side project with my good friends Pat and the Cobra, and we’re taking our influences from krautrock, postpunk, mathrock and Russian constructivism.

Our first track that we did, ‘Broken on the Wheel’, was a deliberate emulation of the type of Neu motorik groove that Stereolab have based their career on. That’s why you’ll think it sounds like Stereolab: actually it sounds like Neu, it’s just that SL copied Neu too.

Anyway, once we did that, we tried branching out into different types of sound from the splendid wall of guitars in ‘Mathomat’ and ‘To Syracuse’ to Tangerine Dream style synth riffage in ‘Linear C’.

Most of all, I’d like to draw your attention to our cover of White Light White Heat, by the Velvet Underground (that song is over 40 years old you know!) – in which I ‘deliver’ the vocals through a vocoder. It’s basically the closest the you’ll hear me do anything approaching that activity known as ‘singing’ anyway.

These tracks are all demos for our first EP, due summertime, and it would be great to get some feedback. Do you like the direction? We sure do! We’re basically just having some fun and making some noises that we a) enjoy creating and playing and b) think might be fun to play live.

I should add this whole caper was inspired by the Cobra inviting me to a Harmonia gig last September at the South Bank, and we were so disappointed not to hear any proper Motorik Groove from them, that we decided to form our own band to do it, so that we could enjoy some proper motorik groove!

(read my grumbly review of that gig here)

Go here to get the On Rails experience:


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