Q3 Round-up

Some stuff I didn’t get round to mentioning that I need to remember that I once did:

Moon – I enjoyed this. A pretty good story pretty well told. Didn’t think they quite everything right (some dodgy CGI and some of the emotional stuff didn’t work), but liked the pay-off at the end. Interesting sound track, great set design and model making. I liked the reverse-HAL concept and managed to be a unique take on the ‘What is identity’, though less philosophical than Solaris, Bladerunner, etc)

Hamlet, with Jude Law: good. To my shame, it was the first time I’d ever seen Hamlet. Thought it was a good play, but slightly surprised at the comedic mix-up of poisons in the last scene. After all the heavyweight pyschodrama that preceded, to end on a typical farce set up of accidentally swapped drinks seemed odd.  But who am I to criticise the great bard?

Futurism at the Tate. Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this yet. I love the Futurists and their wild mixture of splendid enthusiasm for the modern and worrying tendencies towards fascism and war. Unfortunately I don’t think the exhibition really did it justice. It didn’t manage to capture the contradictions and absurdities of Futurism and their manifestos (pasta should be banned, orchestras should be scrapped and replaced by pnuematic devices, anything modern should be embraced – especially war, and anything old should be destroyed – especially art)

It also basically needed better pictures. I believe the exhibition only contained pictures and sculpures from the 1912 Futurist exhibition which is why it was kinda patchy quality-wise – it was early days of the movement.  (But it was interesting to see how the British Fauvists couldn’t really match the boldness of the Italians – we were too twee, even then)

The best part of the exhibition was actually just outside the main gallery space where they had many amusing quotes which were much better at summing up the general vibe of the Futurists, including the immortal ‘The Futurists got into an argument with their opponents – many hats were rendered useless’


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