British Na[z]tional Party

Oh man, that was awesome, poor old stupid Nick Griffin. Not very bright is he? Manipulative, obviously, for getting elected to the European Parliament, but not actually very clever.

Here he is in the olden days, not being racist:

The Mirror

What was all that stuff about the only true English people are those descended from ‘indigenous people 17,000 years ago’? When actually the only people on the European continent were the now extinct Neandathals (as Bonnie Greer pointed out). What a very peculiar man.

Luckily in Britain, we tend to resist strong ideologies, I think we find anyone that earnest about a mere idea somewhat laughable. At least, that’s my theory for why the 20th century European movements of communism, fascism, anarchism, futurism, etc, never really got a foothold here.

But, really, and this is my perspective as a musician, can you imagine what life would be like without  being allowed to listen to music from ‘other’ cultures? Thicko thicky Nick Griffin must literally only listen to northern brass bands and watch Morris Dancers if he follows his thicko thicky creed to it’s logical conclusion.

It would mean he wouldn’t be able to listen to:

  • GF Handel (German, non British), JS Bach (German, non British), Mozart (Autrian, non-British), Ravel, Beethoven, Mendelsohn, Satie, …in fact I assume he refuses to hear the entire European Western classical cannon.
    He would be allowed to listen to the few British born ones who are considered to be any good: William Byrd, Purcell, Vaughn, er, Gustav Holst (well, he was born in England, but his grandfather was Swiss, so actually we should probably exclude him)
  • Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, Rock. All derived from varying blends of African, European and American Indigneous music. Better not turn on Classic Rock FM eh, Nick, nothing for you there.
  • Soul, RnB, Swing. Well, no need to explain these – definitely off the musical menu.
  • Pop. All derived from the above categories – and with other things like Bhangra thrown in for good measure – thus abhorrent and are ‘weakened’ versions of the true genetic strain of True English Music.
  • Any World music, whether my beloved maracatu, or the life affirming pop of Ghana or Mali, the extraordinary sounds of Tuvan throat singing, etc, etc. There’s a lot of music out there in the world, but Nick Griffin mustn’t allow one note of it to enter his mind. Just in case, you know, er, he finds he likes it. And then he might need to admit that people are just people at the end of the day.
  • Dance music. Well, it’s the machine descedant of the hypnotic drumming of Burundi. Forget about it Nick – this isn’t for you either.

As Sir Thomas Beecham said, ‘There would be life without music, but it wouldn’t be worth living’. And similarly, there would be life in the UK without the cultures of the world to experience, but it probably wouldn’t be worth living it.


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