Bell du jour

Today’s bell is to be found in the lovely village of Cropedy, Warwickshire, in the church of St Mary the Virgin. There are eight bells ranging from treble to tenor, covering the notes C#, B, A, G#, F#, E.  They were cast between 1686 – 1690 and were last turned in 1913 – and they are indeed due another turning as they are thinning now.

Here is one of the two new bells of 2007 being raised to the steeple:

Obviously I can’t end this post without explaining why I have now decided to reveal my identity as the infamous Bell de Jour blogger. It’s not been an easy six years, despite the enormous wealth this ancient profession has earnt me. If it wasn’t for a rival bell blogger, I would probably retain my anonymity. Fortunately my friends and colleagues have been hugely supportive and for that I am grateful.

At least I can come clean now, and am pleased to be able to refute those hurtful comments about the whole thing being a fake. I can now honestly say that I enjoy my work, and what’s wrong with earning money at something you enjoy!

However, I won’t be able to continue with the bell blog for obvious reasons, so I thank all my loyal readers and hope you consider this humble offering a worthy – and not too lengthy! – bell end.


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