Me at BBC Maida Vale

Me singin’ again. This time with the BBC Singers and St James Baroque ensemble. One of these sort of BBC outreach projects where civilians get to be all impressed with the number of mics the Beeb use to record a not-for-broadcast performance:

I just used one little mic in my Patented Electronic iTelephone, and the results aren’t too bad at all. The only problem is that it’s quite Bass heavy, but that’s because I’m a bass and that’s where my iphone was. Sorry about the tenor who manages to be heard above nearly everyone!

Click the link to ‘ave a listen to us:
HANDEL, DIXIT DOMINUS MP3, (parts 1, 4, 6, 8 )

The piece is Handel’s Dixit Dominus, written when he was 22 (annoying!), and is a fun dramatic setting of Psalm 110, which says, ‘The Lord said unto my Lord: Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy foot-stool’.  ie, sticking the boot into your enemies and smiting them whilst you’re at it. Yey for peaceful religions!

Check the chords at 5:45 – them is nice.

Our little performance was filmed as well, and will be put up on the Beeb website in a couple of weeks so I’ll update this with that, then.


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