Definitives – London’s Best Dance Crew

May 1, 2010

Well, that was exciting. We* backed up London dance crew, Definites, last night in the finals of London’s Best Dance Crew 2010 – and they only gone and won!

London’s Best Dance Crew

(*We – being members of Maracatu Estrela do Norte & Eri Ekon, adding some Brazilian drumming spice to the backing tunes for the first of Definitives’ two sets)

When the videos of the finals are available, I’ll post them up, but suffice to say they were awesome and well deserved the win – though all the groups were pretty damn good.

Here they are in another event – a pity the music isn’t a bit more audible, but you get the idea.

And yes, we also came on to the same level of applause and cheering. Nice!

Backstage: here’s the big cheque they were presented with, alongside the drum I played – and some lovely legs! (not mine)

Impressively, it was presented to them by the only current recipient of the Victoria Cross, Johnson Beharry. Quite an honour.

And here’s Lilly & Sam in front of the splendid artists entrance at the back of Fairfield Halls.

Well done Definitives, you rocked!

[Top Photo:  The Definitives at London’s Best Dance Crew 2010. Bruce Woods of Tactical Innovations Limited, other less brilliant photos: The Author]


Faceless Techno Bollocks

April 2, 2010

[Updated with new Episodes! 8th April. Now a mighty 18 minutes long. Gonna have to do something with that awesome new sound I made right at the end…!]

Here’s some old school techno I’ve written for fun:


An itch I’ve been meaning to scratch for ages. It does kind of just finish, but that’s because I’m going to add more episodes when I have the time.

Cassette Gig, May 8th @ The Luminaire

April 2, 2010

Yo, we have a gig coming up at the rather nice London venue The Luminaire.

It’s a fiver in advance or with the flyer above (tell ’em Cassette sent ya).

If you definitely don’t want to miss out, send your fiver to via PayPal and we’ll send you a flyer by return with a lovely red [PAID] stamp on it.

p.s. It’s Oli’s birthday the day before so you are permitted to buy him an alcoholic beverage – after the gig! (We’re on first at 8ish I guess – will confirm nearer the time)

Every news channel, all the time.

March 12, 2010


March 9, 2010



Hence, I’ve had to pull the jack plug half way out of the 3.5mm adaptor, as you can see on the lowest cable below:

And same on the CV input on the Moog side – jack has to be pulled out half-way so the tip makes contact with the ring sheath:

This is reminding me a great deal of the Fry & Laurie sketch, Flushed Grollings.

But it’s cos I just bought the (surprisingly expensive) silver box above, which now connects the Moog to the computer so that I can sequence the Moog using Logic. Huzzah.

Now enjoy to the power of analogue in the mp3 below. A nothing riff really, but we get into Soulwax/LFO territory quite easily…

Note: if you are planning on this activity yourself, I’m very happy to recommend System J for the hard-to-get-hold-of “Cinch Jones 2 prong plug to 3.5mm jack cable” that is required.  (A 50/50 split on all afiliate sales, didn’t we say James? ;-)

Me at BBC Maida Vale

February 26, 2010

Me singin’ again. This time with the BBC Singers and St James Baroque ensemble. One of these sort of BBC outreach projects where civilians get to be all impressed with the number of mics the Beeb use to record a not-for-broadcast performance:

I just used one little mic in my Patented Electronic iTelephone, and the results aren’t too bad at all. The only problem is that it’s quite Bass heavy, but that’s because I’m a bass and that’s where my iphone was. Sorry about the tenor who manages to be heard above nearly everyone!

Click the link to ‘ave a listen to us:
HANDEL, DIXIT DOMINUS MP3, (parts 1, 4, 6, 8 )

The piece is Handel’s Dixit Dominus, written when he was 22 (annoying!), and is a fun dramatic setting of Psalm 110, which says, ‘The Lord said unto my Lord: Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy foot-stool’.  ie, sticking the boot into your enemies and smiting them whilst you’re at it. Yey for peaceful religions!

Check the chords at 5:45 – them is nice.

Our little performance was filmed as well, and will be put up on the Beeb website in a couple of weeks so I’ll update this with that, then.

Steve Reich talk

February 23, 2010

As I mentioned last week, I went to see Steve Reich’s  ‘Drumming’ at the QEH.

After the concert, the man himself – Mr Steve Reich, world’s greatest living composer – was actually there for a post-concert talk.

I’m delighted to say I recorded proceedings on my digital iTelephone and I am pleased to present to you below a short clip of the talk which I think you will find of particular interest and pertinence:

Steve Reich Talk mp3