November 20, 2009

Item 1

Did you see Matthew Collings’ programme about Beauty in Art last week? It was really good. Watch it on iPlayer if you haven’t yet. I luv Mr Collings’ droll yet insightful delivery. I once sat at the next table to him in the Kentish Town Pizza Express, but I resisted the urge to explain how splendid I thought he was.

Here’s the ten things all great (and therefore beautful) art requires in varying proportions:

The Surroundings

He makes a persuasive argument. Read his article here about it, if you’d care to know more.

Item 2

By coincidence I then went to see Anish Kapoor at The Royal Academy. It has all of the above elements in abundance, plus a big dose of humour in the form of  pneumatic gun firing great lumps of blood red wax into an adjacent gallery.

I highly recommend it; Anish Kapoor has to be one of the great artists of our time.

Another of Kapoor’s humorous, blood red wax things:

p.s. (aka item 3):

I wish Collings’ had written the essays in the catalogue for the exhibition – check this example of some of the guff in there:

“Kapoor’s work has often been treated to a kind of critical atavism that constrains the originality of his inventions by framing them in a pre-fabricated metaphuysics of transcendance”

Art-wank of the highest order.

If you write something that is essentially meaningless then I don’t really think you know what you’re talking about, ‘Homi K. Bahba’. Or to put it another way, if you can’t express yourself in normal language, you are in fact, a cock.

Love art: hate art-wank