Micky S and his Orchestra

June 18, 2009

A song featuring Brockley! How perfectly delightful!

I’d take this over Lady Gaga anyway.

While I think about it, they had remove some tiling from Nunhead Station the other week and uncovered some swell graffiti:


Difficult to get a good shot in the narrow subway, but it looks pretty cool (and not quite so tatty) in the flesh. Has all the nice loops and kinetic movement that the best of NY grafitti has. I like it, I wonder if they’ll keep it or cover it up with boring tiles again.


On the fricking map

March 14, 2008

I live in Brockley. It’s the sort of place people that makes people squint and say ‘where?’ when you tell them.

Well, not any more, buster! Check this latest version of the London Underground Tube Map:


Hell, yes. We are now an official place.

Move over Amersham, Brockley’s snapping at ya heels!

(p.s. does anyone know what the hell that ‘ELC’ with a bus symbol is??)

[Edit: I might add that a visit to Brockley Central is in order if you a) live in Brockley, b) are considering moving to Brockley, or c) are wondering ‘what the hell is this ‘Brockley’ place I keep hearing so much about?’)