June 3, 2009

As extensively covered by the papers it’s voting time tomorrow: Thursday 4th June.

So as a responsible subject of the United Kingdom, I urge you to vote in this important event – the Virgin Shorts Short Film Competition into which Gav & Jas have entered their film ‘Unto Others’.

As I can’t seem to embed the video here you’ll just have to watch the one minute masterpiece on the Virgin site:

Go! Vote it the full five points and make them win!

Oh, disclaimer… I wrote the end music. I thought I better mention that in case I  got in Big Trouble for my vested interest.

Whoever you do vote for tomorrow, do try to remember not to vote for the BNP, yeah?



May 22, 2009

If, created by my chums The Flippers, doesn’t get in B3ta this week then I will need to reassess my understanding of the world.

Phew, my understanding of the world is correct:
lolfatcats got top billing in this week’s b3ta: b3ta Issue 379
Well done Flippermen and colleagues at Poke!