Nice Spiral

May 28, 2008

Spirals are nice. I might collect pictures of spirals I find.

Or. I may not.


Shape 14b

May 25, 2008

Rotating cube/room thing. Only lines up from one angle.
The Flippers know what I’m on about.

The Telectroscope

May 22, 2008

I was walking along the Thames this morning towards Tower Bridge, and what should I see but Artichoke’s latest giant artwork:

It’s a like giant telescope emerging from the ground.

The conceit is that a tunnel has been built between Tower Bridge, London and the Brooklyn Bridge, er, Brooklyn, and peering into one end shows you the view from the other end.

Unfortunately you have to pay a whole £1 to have a look down it, which seems slightly at odds with the free public nature of their last epic event in London, The Sultan’s Elephant. It seems silly, but even a tiny entry charge of a pound inhibits people’s interaction with the thing.

I would have had a go anyway, but I was in a rush and the early morning sun was glaring on the viewing screen so I thought it might be difficult to see it. I promise to have a go tomorrow morning and report back.

cup & litre kettle dichotomy

May 13, 2008

I’ve no idea if the above sentence makes sense, but it pleases me.

Now – bear with me for a moment while I lay out some propositions:

1. Most people use kettles to make coffee. (I guess some people might make tea, even though it’s evil)
2. Most people who drink coffee (or tea, if they must) drink it from cups/mugs

  Even worse, my kettle starts at the extraordinary quantity 1.25 litres…what on earth does that relate to in the real world? What fraction of 1.25 litres is one cup of water?!

I have no idea so I just have to chuck in what I hope will be enough  for one cup. I don’t want to have to fill in what’s obviously more than enough for one cup, as a) I’ll have to wait longer for it to boil, and b) that’s bad for the environment, as the Pope tells us.

And I fear putting in too little as the element might explode, and running out of water when filling up a cup is very depressing.

I hope  Russell Hobs is listening and rectifies this ridiculous situation. Soon.


Naughty Newsagent!

May 1, 2008

Found these fabulous cigarette sweets in my local newsagents. They are from France, and are lovingly recreated ‘Euro style’ fag packets, complete with cellophane wrapping, aluminium foil inner and fake health warning (that actually says ‘confiserie fantasie’). They are just lovely:

Only slight problem is that sweets like this were banned in the UK in May 2007… Still, they sure are smooth eatin’!