Looking for some uranium?

August 26, 2009


Any website that has uranim for sale using an animated gif like the above is ok in my book.

Also check out their maiming super-magnets: http://unitednuclear.com/magnets.htm

Two Supermagnets can very easily get out of control, crush fingers and instantly break ribs or even your arm if opposing poles fly at each other.”

What a super website!


OK – now what?

August 21, 2009


(seen in reception at The Times)

I hate football

August 21, 2009

And this from the Daily Mash pretty much sums it up…


MILLIONS of Englishmen have begun their annual ritual of convincing themselves that football is an essential part of who they are.

Across the country, pubs were filled with men, and a handful of annoying women, expressing tired, obvious opinions about semi-literate millionaires who see them as nothing more than sad, desperate cash machines.

The opening weekend of the season saw most of the same things happen again for the 184th year in row, although Arsenal’s 6-1 victory away to Everton did cause eight million men to say ‘bloody hell’ in a loud voice before wasting an hour of their lives speculating on the future of someone called David Moyes.

Meanwhile Sky Sports has unveiled plans for more than 5000 hours of promotional films designed to trick you into believing that any of it matters in any way whatsoever.




August 19, 2009

I wish the ITN building was really this pointy:


But it isn’t. So I shall just have to rely on mirrors and tricks of the light instead.