Times Crossword for iPhone

1a) Finally, The Times Crossword iPhone  app that I’ve been working on has appeared in the iTunes Store! (4)

2a) Actually we’ve launched first with the Concise Crossword, and the Cryptic above will go live in the next week or so. (6)

3a) But both are a very reasonable £2.99 for 50 crosswords. (1)

1d) The good thing about the Concise crossword is that it’s actually doable by mortal human beings – unlike the bloody Cryptics which I still can’t get my head around. (5-6)

2d) Get it from iTunes by clicking this exciting Universal Resource Locator link

3d) It was #1 in New and Noted yesterday in the iStore, so hopefully that will drive a few sales (4)

4d) If you’ve bought it – let me know what you think of it! (2-3-4-3)


One Response to Times Crossword for iPhone

  1. Jonathan Frank says:

    Well, I’ve bought both versions… and I think they’re both fantastic apps! You really should learn to do the cryptic though… Well done our all your hard work on this Oli – wouldn’t have happened without you! Jonathan

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