Google Moogle

May 23, 2012

Loving Google’s Moog synth on their Google Doodle spot today, in honour of Robert Moog.

Here’s a quick challenge for you. Play this riff and let me know which classic 80’s song it’s from:

C C [ [ + + [ [
2 2 9 9 [

See it here:
Official Google blog post: A tribute to Bob Moog, sonic doodler


Sinatra remix – Come Fly With Me

May 6, 2012

Here’s a remix of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Come fly with me’ I did for choreographer Nikki O’Hara. The dance piece it accompanies featured in the final year show at Bird College in 2011, and at the recent Move It dance festival/expo at Olympia in April 2012.

Was an interesting challenge to work with a piece of music that wasn’t recorded to a click-track. Ask me about how awesome Logic’s time-stretch functionality “Flextime” is for the full story.

I can’t embed a SoundCloud style file due to copyright issues – BORING! – so here’s an mp3 instead:

(It starts getting tasty around the 1:45 mark…)

A nice Spotify app – Boil the frog

May 6, 2012

This is easily my favourite of the many Spotify apps out there: Boil the frog

Boil the Frog  is a Spotify App that will create playlists that gradually take you from one music style to another by analysing adjacent styles and creating an arbitrary path from one to the other.

Sadly not available to the public yet, but the creator of it, Paul, kindly did me one that went from Dubstep to Beethoven. Check it out: Dub-hoven

Gigging with Sylver Tongue

May 1, 2012

Here I am playing keyboards for Charlotte Hatherley’s awesome new outfit Sylver Tongue on Sat 28th April, at The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington.


More pics on Midnighta GoGo Facebook page.

Look out for the album later this year – it’s gonna be electrophonic!!

Sylver Tongue on Facebook & website.