Channel 5 ident

February 24, 2011

Lucy and I were asked to write the music for a couple of idents for the Channel 5 rebrand, the first of which is being broadcast today:

Keep an eye out for it when you’re watching the Gadget Show or CSI!

The second ident is due next week sometime; I’ll update this post when it’s on.

3rd November 2000

June 21, 2010

As you might expect, I was performing a live set of hard house at Heaven on Friday 3rd November 2000, in front of an audience of about 3,000.  This was with Contact Assist, my hard house ‘outfit’ of the time.

I knew I’d wonder what this gig would sound like in 2010, so I  recorded it onto DAT and sent it a decade into the future. And here it is:

Contact Assist Live – 3rd Nov 2000
(stream/download the mp3 from Dropbox)

We played a lot of gigs and released quite a few records between 1999-2001 – before an ‘hilarious’ Spinal Tap type implosion just as we were about to sign a deal with Sanctuary Records, at the time the UK’s largest independent record label, and the world’s largest independent music publisher. (Sanctuary subsequently also imploded in 2007 due to financial mismanagement and such)

Still, was fun to be part of a genuine underground movement, before the Ministry of Sound moved in and the whole thing became ultra-formulaic and boring.

If, for some weird reason, you want the individual tracks, here they are:
Contact Assist Live (Zipped)

…well, they’re not doing any good sitting around on my hard drives at home are they? Go little mp3 files – be free!