Q: We’re #1, so why try harder?

June 22, 2009

A: Because this slightly too-good-to-be-true competition we’ve entered to play at the Big Chill Festival!

Having launched our campagin on Friday we have rocketed into the lead, thanks to our awesome fans who’ve bought the tracks. The band in the lead on the 5th August get to do a gig at the Big Chill Festival. True story!


And if you haven’t bought our tracks yet, I suggest you rectify this immediately – pop over to Alterhit.com, register yourself as a ‘Friend’ and buy a couple of our tracks. It’ll cost you £3, but we’re donating all proceeds to Looptron’s British Heart Foundation fundraiser.

More details on all this craziness over on the main Cassette Electrik Blog


Micky S and his Orchestra

June 18, 2009

A song featuring Brockley! How perfectly delightful!

I’d take this over Lady Gaga anyway.

While I think about it, they had remove some tiling from Nunhead Station the other week and uncovered some swell graffiti:


Difficult to get a good shot in the narrow subway, but it looks pretty cool (and not quite so tatty) in the flesh. Has all the nice loops and kinetic movement that the best of NY grafitti has. I like it, I wonder if they’ll keep it or cover it up with boring tiles again.

Card thing: built

June 15, 2009


Only took a hour, but what an hour!

Instructions by George Hart.

Baroque and Roll (sorry..)

June 11, 2009

Quick debrief of Monday’s concert at The Barbican with some pictures

Orchestra, adult choir and children’s choir on stage



Big, huh?

Here’s Howard Goodall introducing it all


Howard Goodall (Blackadder, Red Dwarf, etc) is the National Ambassador for Singing, tasked with getting children involved in music and singing in schools. So far he has 15,000 of the 20,000 schools in the UK signed up to the scheme. This is a Good Thing. Listening to music is ok and quite pleasant on the whole, but actually doing it – making and creating music, singing especially – is one of the most uplifting things a human being can do. A fact that is largely forgotten in the ubiqutous immersive soundworld of ipods and tv that we now find ourselves in.

Basses and Altos and Orchestra


I am in the block of basses; seven trillion pounds to the first person who spots me.

Sophie Junker, soprano and Philip Canner, bass-baritone


As well as doing five pieces by Handel, there was a specially composed piece by Harvey Brough, which took themes of Purcell and created a new setting for The Fairy Dream section of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Sophie & Philip above were Titania and Bottom. Both were very good (as were the other two soloists who were recent graduates of the Guildhall School of Music), but did I detect a bit of star quality with Sophie?? You heard it here first.



As mentioned the real purpose of the project is to get schoolchildren interested and participating in music, and here is part of the 150 strong choir of children. They were all from innercity schools – paired with the city firms who made up the adult choir – and were excellent. The piece of music Harvey wrote for them wasn’t patronising or ‘easy’, it was a proper piece of music in which they played a key role. And they sung it brilliantly. Props to the kids!

Nicholas Kenyon


Nicholas Kenyon runs ting’s round there at the Barbican. Here he is at the end of the concert saying how splendid it all was and how important the project is, and how the Barbican and the Guildhall are proud to be supporting it.

Too right. The whole thing was a big success – musically I think the massed amateur choirs of us and the kids got away with it, the orchestra played brilliantly, the music was varied and interesting, and a large number of children who hadn’t even been to a classical concert before got to perform at a professional level in one of London’s Premier venues.

Win, win, win, win.

It’s just a pity the world can’t be a bit more like this more of the time.

Richard Frostick – conductor
Richard was great: someone with a true passion for music and the ability to communicate that passion – oh, and to control 300 singers and an orchestra to great effect!


Just don’t get your notes wrong, ok?



June 3, 2009

As extensively covered by the papers it’s voting time tomorrow: Thursday 4th June.

So as a responsible subject of the United Kingdom, I urge you to vote in this important event – the Virgin Shorts Short Film Competition into which Gav & Jas have entered their film ‘Unto Others’.

As I can’t seem to embed the video here you’ll just have to watch the one minute masterpiece on the Virgin site:


Go! Vote it the full five points and make them win!

Oh, disclaimer… I wrote the end music. I thought I better mention that in case I  got in Big Trouble for my vested interest.

Whoever you do vote for tomorrow, do try to remember not to vote for the BNP, yeah?